So, yeah, I was saying…
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404 non-starter
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A very important handshake

A rotten smell that burns into cinammon

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or press 1
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A full loop in a wooden rollercoaster trying to connect with someone you‘ll either never see again or can‘t see.
Fuzzy wallpaper. An attic full of bricks. An abandoned fort.
A million little things in the road. Spiders?

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And of course: a melting clock

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I‘m sorry, I didn‘t hear your last response

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Buildings full of fake glass
Beautiful floor to ceiling windows
If you lived here, you‘d be home already

Cancel, delete

Another death by white walls scenario
A stalk of celery snapping in the kitchen.
Death by papercuts.

Undo, undo, undo
Start over

A sea of forgotten passwords
The gossip of 1,000 smiling strangers
They‘re all your best friends
But how can that be –
We just met
And already it‘s goodbye
Restart or shut down?

You‘re late for an invisible appointment that‘s always just slightly out of reach. Everyone is laughing, and you have no teeth.
The room gets warmer. A cat sits on your leg.
A gunshot or a car starting down the block.
Is it the ocean or a freeway?

Everything is impossible. But it gets warmer. And sirens
Everyone on old laugh tracks is now dead.
Time to back up all your anecdotes
You wake up

Now what?

I‘m in.